Test Menu Design

Our team of experts can help tailor a test menu to suit your exact requirements, encompassing the relevant instrumentation and personnel. We ensure that you always have the latest data available so that you can make an informed choice for your laboratory. If you’re just getting started or broadening an existing test selection, we can assist you in creating an ideal menu and the ideal panel size.

How We Can Assist

To get your laboratory running efficiently, it will require an extensive examination of the test menu, alongside the essential instrumentation and personnel. Our team is proficient in supplying you with the essential data, allowing you to choose what best suits your requirements. Whether you are starting a laboratory for the first time or supplementing tests to an already existing menu, our professionals have the expertise and knowledge to create an appropriate test menu.


We provide laboratories a means to expedite their success, whether they are trying to create a lab or grow an existing one. Here's how to do it:

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Consultation on reimbursement

Providing as much clinical data as possible

Consultation on reimbursement

Advice on current industry trends

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