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What is MarinaBioLab About?

Welcome to MarinaBioLab! We are a premier CLIA laboratory distribution company that offers the latest and greatest in laboratory reagents and equipment. 

MarinaBioLab can provide you with:

  1. Top class reagents that are some of the fastest and most affordable in the world
  2. We can hunt down any quality used lab equipment for you
  3. New, high-quality lab equipment for those who seek the best in technology
  4. Our professional consultants can help you expand, buy, sell, or start a lab with the utmost confidence and expertise. 
  5.  Mass Spectrometry services such as installation and maintenance
  6. Finding highly qualified staff members to fill out your team from lab techs to laboratory directors
  7.  Prepare for any CLIA-related inspections and make sure everything is up to code

With the help of our highly skilled professionals, you can trust that your laboratory needs are met with the highest standards. We look forward to helping you make the most of your laboratory experience.

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molecular infectious disease reagents

setup and expand labs

provide laboratory support

buy/sell lab equipment

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Full-Service Laboratory Consulting

Whether you're starting a lab, trying to grow your current one, or looking to cut costs and become more efficient, MarinaBioLab will give you everything you need for the success of your laboratory. With decades of expertise on your side, we help our clients master every challenge.
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