Data Analysis and Data Review (DADR)

At MarinaBioLab, our Data Analysis and Data Review (DADR) services make it easy to process large amounts of lab data quickly and accurately. Our experts are fully equipped with the necessary skills to extract insights from that data so you can make informed decisions about your laboratory operations. We have the expertise to convert your raw results into comprehensive, summarized findings and statistical analysis.


Our remote data review makes it possible for us to quickly scan all of your sample results, perform robust analysis on them, assess quality control outcomes, identify sample failures and provide actionable recommendations tailored specifically toward achieving optimal laboratory performance. With our help, you can easily locate patterns or trends in your laboratory’s performance which will allow you to operate more efficiently as well as identify any areas of potential improvement or upskill in order to focus on delivering accurate test results every time. 


Rest assured that whatever information is being shared between our clients remains confidential at all times – no matter where they may be working from. With MarinaBioLab DADR service, even non-technical staff members will be able to clearly understand what action needs to be taken for best performance outcomes across lab operations by analyzing easy-to-understand reports of laboratory data.

How Can We Help?

Remote Data Analysis ensures that your lab runs smoothly. Our coast-to-coast, around-the-clock coverage ensures that your lab has the results your patients require, the quality control records required by regulators, and the system failures required by your lab management team to give you peace of mind. We are the first to respond to any quality control or data concerns that develop in your lab. We can discover a qualified employee for your lab who meets the standards of the state in which you work thanks to our nationwide network of laboratory professionals.

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