Part Time Lab Director Services

Welcome to MarinaBioLab – your source for Medical Laboratory Directors. Whether you’re looking for a part-time lab director or need to ensure your lab meets the standards of the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and COLA requirements, we have you covered. 

Our experienced staff have the experience and knowledge to evaluate your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and sign off on revisions as part of our Lab Director service. They will also handle all of your CLIA-mandated obligations. This includes monthly quality control logs, as well as on-site visits at least once a quarter, and inspections when needed. 

We pride ourselves on having the most experienced and knowledgeable medical lab directors on staff. We understand the importance of providing an accurate, up-to-date, compliant lab and have the expertise to meet all state, federal, and CLIA/COLA requirements. With us, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your lab is in good hands. 

Whether you’re looking for part-time lab director services or need to ensure your lab meets all of its regulatory requirements, MarinaBioLab is the perfect choice. We’re here to ensure your lab is running efficiently and compliantly

Our Services

Risk Free

A 90-day risk-free, contingent-based service — you only pay if the candidate stays.

Tracking Change

Tracking changes in qualifications for Lab Directors and alerting you to those changes.

Medical Lab Directors

Our Part-Time Medical Lab Directors will help prepare you for your inspections.


Our Part-Time Medical Lab Directors will help prepare you for your inspections.

Inclusive Fee

All-inclusive fees for you and the candidate.

Full-Time Lab Director Service

Our team of regulatory experts understands the requirements to ensure your new Lab Director has the experience and competence to successfully run your laboratory. Marina Bio Lab guarantees your lab director will have all certifications, both federal and state, necessary to fulfill their responsibilities.

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