Alternative Proficiency Testing

At MarinaBioLab, we provide quality assurance and lab services – including alternative proficiency testing (ALT PT). Our alternative proficiency testing services provide accurate and reliable evaluation of laboratory testing. 

CLIA requires all laboratories to assess their accuracy and reliability at least twice a year. For lab tests that are not available commercially, alternative proficiency testing is the go-to solution. MarinaBioLab’s alternative proficiency testing services allows labs to accurately determine their level of performance for these non-commercially available analytes. We will provide the lab with the results from the split sample analysis, and it is then up to the laboratory to evaluate the results and assess their performance. 

At MarinaBioLab, we offer complete evaluation and dependable solutions for alternative proficiency testing. We have experienced professionals who will help you assess your lab and give you the results you need. With our comprehensive program, you don’t have to worry about the burden of analyzing and deciding on the accuracy of your results.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our alternative proficiency testing services and how they can help you and your laboratory achieve the highest accuracy and reliability.

Quality Management Services

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How We Can Assist

When a commercial proficiency testing program is not readily available, alternative proficiency testing (also known as ALT PT) is used to determine a lab’s testing performance for analytes. Most labs will meet this criteria for non-commercially available analytes by using split-sample analysis/alternative assessment. Once the results are collected, the laboratory must assess the information and determine whether their testing performance is satisfactory.

These duties are no longer a burden on the laboratory after joining in Marina Bio Lab Services’ ALT PT program.

ALT PT Program

We Will Provide You With: Marina Bio Lab will provide you with ALT PT samples twice a year. We can locate the correct comparison group, which often comprises of more than one laboratory, among our network of laboratories. Finally, Marina Bio Lab does data analysis: the laboratory will obtain an ALT PT evaluation that the Lab Director/designee and testing personnel can evaluate.

Proficiency Testing Programs of Interest for 2021

Alternative Proficiency Testing (urine)

Antipsychotics panel (urine)

SARS-CoV2 (saliva)

Ethanol (urine)

Services for Quality Management

ALT PT is a component of our bigger Quality Management Services, however it can also be used as a standalone service depending on test menu and method compatibility.

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