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TopAir provides high quality, secure Horizontal Laminar Clean Benches. TopAir’s clean benches suck air from the room or hall space, transfer the air through a HEPA filter using a fan, and then clean the bench area with filtered air.

In Horizontal Benches, the filtered air flows through a filter installed at the back of the bench, toward the staff.

Red Light Alarm: 
Whenever there is an air velocity failure, a red light inside the unit switches on  and the system light automatically switches off.
This enables convenient detection of failures from a distance , even by hearing-impaired people.

All components are manufactured by leading global companies, such as AAF USA.

The Clean Bench complies with production/test standard USA Federal Standard 209E / ISO 1- 144641 and can be customized to customer requirements.

Clean benches are designed to supply a clean controlled work environment meeting Class 100/ISO5 cleanliness standard, resembling a clean room, with the additional advantages of portability and small dimensions.

Clean benches provide a high quality alternative to a clean room at a much lower cost and without massive construction.

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